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About Us

Culinary Grade/Cold Pressed

Single Origin Fiji/Sustainably Harvested/Total Traceability

Owner Operated


Ni Sa Bula Vinaka

Our Raw Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO), with its unique flavour is only found in the South Pacific Islands of Fiji and it is achieved by using ONLY fresh, clean coconuts; these are supplied daily from Tavulomo Village organically grown three plantations in Bua Vanua Levu and neighbouring Village plantations. The flavour is smooth mild and clean which makes it enjoyable to eat in its natural form.  


From opening the coconuts and using the Drying Table Method to produce the oil, this method takes approximately 90mins.  The oil is then ready for filtering in 20 litre sealable food grade buckets. The next step is a natural gravity filtration which gives our oil its unique flavour.  There are NO harsh chemicals, clays or mechanical cleaning processors involved in the manufacturing/filtering process of Tavulomo Raw Virgin Coconut Oil.  All of which makes our (VCO) Brand superior to others in the market place.


Owning and controlling the whole process is key to producing high quality culinary coconut oil, which can be used on a multitude of levels:  For cooking, health, beauty and wellbeing; (including pet health).


We operate with strict International Quality Control Procedures and have full documentation to support this including; Good Manufacturing Practices, Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures and Bacteria Testing.  These documents can be supplied upon your request.


We take great pride in helping the local villagers with employment and education; raising their quality of living standards, along with helping the area to become more resourceful and financially independent.


So please enjoy our wonderful product; we welcome any feedback from you and are happy to answer any questions you may have. 

100% Natural Raw Virgin Coconut Oil

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