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Ni Sa Bula


Welcome to the home of Tavulomo Coconut Processing Ltd.  If you have ever visited the South Pacific paradise of Fiji, to experience the culture and climate and thought, “I would love a taste of this every day”….  Well we have a solution that will give you a taste, of a simple health pleasure, Fijian people have every day.   It is found in our finest raw Virgin Coconut Oil, (known as VCO).


Off the regular tourist track in the Bua region, only 20 minutes from the Nabouwalu Ferry Service, on the second largest island of Fiji, named Venua Levu, in a Village called Tavulomo is where our wonderful oil is grown and produced.


Tavulomo is a small populated village with around 150 people, resources and life expanding opportunities are very limited. The nearest big town, Labasa is 125kms away; so for the people their only options are to live off the land and sea with crop faming, raising cattle; fishing and crabbing. 


The surrounding land is owned by three Mataqali; one of which is the Head Chief of Tavulomo Village.  When Tavulomo Coconut Processing choose this area to locate its Plant, it raised hope for the people to increase their quality of life by providing jobs and education for the coconut farmers, along with the (predominately women) staff working at the Plant.  


Preparation and building of the Plant commenced in April 2014; then on the 9th July 2014 we became a Registered Business.  Throughout the following months, expansion of Facility Buildings were built, including a staff ablution facility, along with a sanitising wash down area for visitors, plus a meeting area was completed in September.


During the construction time, Plant Staff were recruited and training went into practice. Key equipment was commissioned from New Zealand; certifying our premises to international standard. 


Commercial production started in November through to December. Our first bulk production was 400 litres of high quality oil.  Samples of batched oil were sent to New Zealand for bacteria testing, all tests came back clear. We can continue to maintain large volumes of oil production because of dual drying tables for the coconut meal to be dried before pressing.


Since the beginning Tavulomo Coconut Processing Ltd., we have gone from strength to strength, gaining favouritism from leading chefs, speciality food stores and farmers’ markets stocking Our products, as well as food chain supermarkets in Fiji and New Zealand.  We are exporting to Australia, Germany, Japan and China also has a keen interest in our products.


Yes it’s true this isn’t exactly like being in Fiji, but we can guarantee you will enjoy the experience of using our products.  It is our vision to continue to supply our finest quality raw Virgin Coconut Oil to the International Market, as well as the Indigenous Market in Fiji.  We operate with integrity in helping the Fijian economy.  It is now our suggestion to you, to try our clean mild tasting, health enriching raw Virgin Coconut Oil.  As well as trying any of our natural handmade soaps and balm products. 


Vinaka Vaka Levu

Thank you very much


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