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Raw Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) Cold Pressed – Culinary Grade  

Glass Jar 270ml, (recyclable)

Tavulomo Raw Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO), unique flavour is only found in the South Pacific Islands of Fiji and it is achieved by using ONLY fresh, clean organically grown coconuts from sustainable plantations; which are supplied daily from Tavulomo Village plantations in Bua, Vanua Levu and neighbouring Village plantations. The flavour is smooth mild and clean which makes it enjoyable to eat in its natural form and is easily digested.


Virgin coconut oil comes from the “Tree of Life, (Cocos Nucifera).  It has a multitude of health benefits and is proving that this ancient Elixir still has a firm hold in our lives today.  


Coconut oil will Solidify below 22-25 degrees C and liquefy above this temperature. Coconut oil contains several different fats and these fats all have slightly different temperatures at which they solidify and liquefy. But this does not affect the taste or quality of our product.


Health Benefits – Medium-Chain-Fatty-Acids (MCFAs)

Coconut oil is composed predominately of medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA), also known as medium-chain triglycerides (MCT). MCFA are very different from LCFA.  MCFA help to lower the risk of both atherosclerosis and heart disease.  It is primarily due to the MCFA in coconut oil that makes it so special and so beneficial.  Coconut oil is nature’s richest source of these healthy MCFAs. 

While the MCFAs are burned for energy, rather than stored as fat like other oils.


About 50% of these MCFA’s are made up of lauric acid which is known for its anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties. 

This is the most important essential fatty acid in building and maintaining the body’s immune system.  

The only other rich dietary source of lauric acid apart from coconut oil is “Mothers Milk).Coconut oil is a vegetable oil, it is naturally cholesterol and gluten free.


Product Uses

For cooking, health, beauty and wellbeing; (including pet health).

Use as an alternate to butter or margarine.

Salad dressings dips and spreads

Cooking meat, seafood and vegetables

Try a teaspoonful in your coffee

Smoothies; a great energy booster

Oil Pulling, cleaning your teeth and oral hygiene.   Natural anti viral and anti bacterial properties.

A total body moisturiser.

Nappy Rash and Chaffing

Eczema relief (ingesting VCO is more beneficial for this condition).


Serving suggestions 1- 2 tablespoons per day

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