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Vanua Levu Map
Bua, Vanua Levu Map
Tavulomo Production Plant
Tavulomo Coconuts Being Cleaned and Graded
Tavulomo Coconut Grating
Tavulomo Plant Staff
Tavulomo Coconut Drying Tables
Tavulomo Coconut Batches
Tavulomo Coconut Oil Jarred
Tavulomo Coconut Oil Bottled
Tavulomo Coconut Product Storage Room
Tavulomo Coconut Oil Samples
Tavulomo International Testing
Tavulomo Raw Virgin Coconut Oil
Tavulomo Coconut Oil and Ginger Coconut Oil Jars
Tavulomo Coconut Product Range
Tavulomo Coconuts Given Away

Vanua Levu Island, Fiji 


Bua, Vanua Levu Island, Fiji


Our Production Plant


Right Rear: Coconut Storage & Quality Checking
Right Front: Coconut Grading & Quality Control Checking , Coconut Opening & Grating
Centre: Two Drying Tables with Work Station Recording
Left Rear: Gravity Filtering Room, Storage of Virgin Coconut Oil.
Left Front: Oil Pressing Room. 

Coconut Husk Cleaning & Grading


Left Side: Coconut Grading and Opening.
Right Side: Coconut Grating


Our Team of Ladies  from Tavulomo Village
3.5 Hours they Open, Quality Check and Grate 600 Coconuts.


Two Drying Tables, with Work Station Reporting in the Centre


Oil Pressing Room 

Food Grade Buckets contain Raw Virgin Coconut Oil.

Buckets have Batch No.#  for Traceability.


Daily Batch Samples are Taken and Sent to
International Testing Laboratory in NZ for Bacteria Testing.


Bacteria Samples are taken from Each Bucket.

Each Sample is Marked with its Batch No.# and Recorded.


Raw Virgin Coconut Oil


Raw Virgin Coconut Oil Bottled for the Local Market in Fiji


Loading 270ml Square Glass Jars for Retail Sale and Export.


Storage and Gravity Filtering Room
We also make Hand Made Natural Soaps.
Below: 4kg Block of Soap ready to be Cut into 100gram Blocks 


Lautoka FijiShelly Park Saturday Market

Left to Right: Export 270ml Raw Virgin Coconut Oil Glass Jar, 250ml Plastic Bottle Raw Virgin Coconut Oil,

200ml Plastic Bottle Raw Virgin Coconut Oil with Essential Ginger Oil,

Home Made Balm, Hand Made Soaps and 500ml Liquid Hand Soap


Rejected Coconuts
that we Give Back to the Suppliers so they can make their own
Copra Oil or make Animal Feed.


Tavulomo Coconut Processing Ltd
Left: Branded 270ml Raw Virgin Coconut Oil with Essential Ginger oil
Right: Branded 270ml Raw Virgin Coconut Oil 100% Natural


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